If you want to know more about the history of Florida, the Cow Hunters, and the Cracker Heritage, then you will enjoy reading any, or all, of these books.

If you only want to read one book, then your choice should be "A Land Remembered" by Patrick Smith. It has been said that this book should be handed out to everyone as they cross the state line.

"A Land Remembered" is well written, historically and culturally accurate, entertaining, and easy to read. It has everything; adventure, action, comedy, and more than one love story. A Student Edition is available

Many of these books can be found on Amazon and are available in Kindle.
The Pinnaple Press has an excellent selection of Florida related books, including Cracker History, and Cracker "Westerns". The University Press of Florida (University of Florida) is also a first rate source of Florida history and culture books.  Many museums offer a good selection of Florida books as well. They are usually sold at their gift stores.

Happy readings and be assured that the more you learn about the cow culture and Cracker heritage of Florida, the more you will enjoy The Great Florida Cattle Drive '16.

 1.     A LAND REMEMBERED -                      Patrick Smith
 2.    LIVE FROM THE DEVIL-                         Wayne Blasingame
        AND TIMES OF BONE MIZEL-               Jim Bob Tinsley
 4.    THE WAY HIT WUZ-                                Mary Idas Bass Barber
 5.    BEFORE THE TIMBER WAS CUT-         Gilbert Tucker
 6.    THE TROUBLE OF IT IS-                         David Newell
 7.    IF NOTHIN DON'T HAPPEN-                   David Newell
 8.    THE BAREFOOT MAILMAN-                  Theodore Pratt                                                
 9.     CRACKER-                                               Dana St. Claire
11.    CONQUERORS  -                                     Deb Bennet
         OF FLORIDA-                                           Myrtle Hilliard 
         TRAIL (Family History of the
          Roberts Clan and Red Cattle Co.)-        Maria Stone  
14.    THE FLORIDA COWMAN-                        Joe Akerman  
15.     PIONEER DAUGHTER-                            Margaret Garnett Harris    
16.     TELLABLE CRACKER TALES-                Annette Bruce
17.     JACOB SUMMERLIN-                              Joe Akerman and
18.     JUDGE PLATT- Tales From a
          Florida Cattleman                                     Lester "Judge"
                                                                             Foreword by:                                                                                                                                                                       Doyle E. Conner                                                                                                                                          

19.     CRACKER- Enduring Florida Cowboys-  Jon Kral                            


This book is available in Amazon and many other businesses. You can also buy direct from patricksmithonline.com. This may be the best novel you will ever read.

This is the teaching guide for educators and parents for " A Land Remembered".

Bone Mizel as seen be Frederick Remington

Jon Kral- a look at the contemporary Florida Cow Hunter at work.